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Our Technology for large character carton printing provides simple and easy operation to print on corrugated cardboard & carton packaging materials.

Corrugated Cardboard & Carton

Printing on corrugated cardboard & carton has been expanding through the years with the growth in major industries – pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, and food & beverages. This paved the way for various box printers and paperboard printers to be introduced in the market. Corrugated cartons are mainly used for warehouse, shipping, and distribution of retail products from manufacturer to various industry outlet. Maplejet, with its expertise in case coding and carton printing, provides solutions to offer low-cost high-resolution direct printing onto corrugated boxes. 

Maplejet’s paperboard printer – Hx Cartro, provides simple and easy operation for printing on corrugated cardboard & carton packaging materials. The box printer offers low maintenance and low-cost of ownership.  

Maplejet’s large character carton printer – Hx Megalo allows to print up to 70mm print height of all major barcodes – 1D, 2D & GS1. Maplejet Bi-color carton printer prints two-coloured high-resolution messages onto corrugated cardboard & carton. The visually attractive two-coloured print information enables manufacturing companies to take advantage of its second color for outstanding product identification and company branding. 

Recommended Solutions

Printing on Corrugated Carton & Cardboard

Hx Cartro

Hx Cartro is a robust light-weight secondary packaging printer that provides efficient, high-quality & zero maintenance printing onto corrugated carton boxes. The printer is built with a low alarm warning beacon that monitors the ink level of its 180ml standard cartridge ink system. It is fast drying, prints with superior quality and fade proof. Its control system is based on Microsoft Windows 10 on a tablet/PC with Wi Fi enabled functionality. Hx Cartro provides a maximum print height of up to 36mm.

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Bi-color Carton Printer

Maplejet Bi-color inkjet coding and marking printer allows to print two colors simultaneously onto a porous substrate providing perfect two-color coding solutions in the industry.

The Bi-color oil-based printer uses a dual-cartridge based ink system with choices of Red, Black, White & Blue. Its modular design enables it to use two separate print engines using one controller; thus, adding more ability to print either on two sides of the corrugated box or extending its printing height.

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