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High-Speed and High-Volume

Ready for Production Lines

Fast Drying

Hx Nitro comes with a fast-drying ink.

Increase Efficiency

Track progress of your production using a smart device

Connect Remotely

Remote update of the printer's software.

WiFi Capabilities

Use a single smart device to connect to multiple printers wirelessly.

Why Hx Nitro?

Simple Machine

Hx Nitro is a simple machine & its simplicity allows us to stay low-cost while providing smart abilities to monitor production lines & render advanced printer health check.

No Maintenance

Time is gold and time is important to your business. Unlike other industrial inkjet printers such as CIJ, we eliminate the time needed for regular maintenance reducing expensive downtime.

Low-cost of Ownership

CIJ printer is undoubtedly more expensive than Hx Nitro. Yet, Hx Nitro offers better technology, flexibility & performance.

Higher Throw Distance Ink Cartridge

Achieves up to 10mm throw distance from the product while maintaining excellent print quality on various packaging materials.

Instant Dry Ink

We understand that your production demands speed and requires instant drying time, so we ensure to suit in your production the ink solution you need in your industrial inkjet printer.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Design messages, change print parameters related to each message, and monitor the status of the printer using any smart device – smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Compatibility with various Industry

Hx Nitro simplicity and flexibility allows easy integration to various types of production line such as Vertical & Horizontal Line Form Filling Machine- Rewinder Machine- Automated Conveyor – Standard conveyor.

Small Footprint

Hx Nitro is extremely lite with industrial infrastructure providing flexibility to be installed in any lines from medium-sized to massive production environment.

Training Videos

Training Videos

Training Videos

We are here to help!

Maplejet's Hx Nitro offers a simple way to print production date, expiry date and other message onto various substrate. These videos will help you operate Hx Nitro printer and use its accessories.


Simple Machine which does not require intensive operator training optimizing production uptime.


Quick start up & shutdown. Automated printer health check when needed which decreases potential downtime.


Its lite infrastructure allows flexibility in various production lines.

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One of the best thermal inkjet printers available in the market for small to large scale manufacturing industries.

Arth Fael29

Installation of their HX Nitro thermal printer was done professionally and quickly, I have been operating and managing the workflow of the printer itself with relative ease.


Most reliable coding and marking solution provider and manufacturer of DOD Inkjet Printers.

E Hirji