Printing on Egg Plastic Case

Egg packaging industry has recently been expanding their product lines to advertise all the new beneficial egg types

The egg packaging industry has recently been expanding its product lines to advertise all the new beneficial egg types such as organic, free-range, etc to attract more customers. This new change in the industry has also been accompanied by changes in the egg carton and plastic packaging to increase the protection provided by the packaging. This level of diversity in product lines requires printers to be efficient, flexible, adaptable to work with a range of different products.

MapleJet technology offers extremely fast-drying, high print quality ink to reassure consumers of the quality of products through a clear presentation. Maplejet’s printers offer a cost-effective, low maintenance, and high-quality solution to the egg industry with capabilities of printing on all types of packaging material.

Recommended Solutions

Printing on Plastic Egg Case

Hx Nitro

Maplejet’s Hx Nitro industrial inkjet printer offers the easiest and simplest way to print text, production date, lot number, counter, 2D Barcode, GS1 DataMatrix, Shift, Logo, and External Data to any porous or non-porous substrate.

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ProDigit Evo

The flexibility of ProDigit Evo has made it possible for our engineers to design a variety of configurations to fit custom-made solutions for many production lines. PD Evo is a both solvent fast-dry ink and oil-based ink to print high-resolution codes onto porous and non-porous substrates.

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