Printing on Corrugated Trays and Boxes

Corrugated cartons are mainly used for warehouse, shipping, and distribution of retail products from manufacturer to various industry outlet

When it comes to choosing the right printer for this industry, factors to consider are, if it is possible to reduce inventory levels as well as how low can the lead times be. Additionally, the minimum production levels needed for the many different product types, in all shapes and sizes.

MapleJet technology offers extremely fast-drying ink and highly efficient and speedy print while maintaining optimum print quality as well as low operational costs. MapleJet’s printers easy to set up and the need for minimal operator training creates an opportunity to maximize uptime. The small size and durable design of the printers provide adaptability to any work condition, production process as well as fast pace production schedules.

Recommended Solutions

Printing on Corrugated Trays and Boxes

Hx Cartro

Hx Cartro is a robust light-weight secondary packaging printer that provides efficient, high-quality & zero maintenance printing onto corrugated carton boxes.

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Bi-Color Carton Printer

MapleJet ProDigit Bi-color Carton coding and marking printer have an industrial ability to print two colors simultaneously onto a substrate providing perfect two-color coding solutions in the industry.

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