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UV – extending boundaries in coding?

By September 21, 2017December 18th, 2023No Comments


As printheads, UV inks and UV curing technology advance the industry opportunities widen. One area where this is becoming more viable is in the coding & marking industry. This technology appears to combine the best of both worlds, minimal printer maintenance, high quality and improved ink throw distance.

Compared to solvent printing the richness of print is instantly apparent. So much so that it may present a viable alternative to the product decoration are currently serviced primarily by pad printing or laser.

Imagine a scenario where your produced product can be decorated with images, text and barcodes in line as part of your production process with a print width of up to 70mm with multiple colour options. This is close to reality as MapleJet strives to push the boundaries and enter new market sectors. UV technology is by far the fastest growing sector in the inkjet sector but to this point has not really taken a share in the coding industry.

MapleJet believes that this will change and aims to lead this change with the introduction of new printer options soon.

To understand this technology and upcoming MapleJet options please contact us.

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