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Every product must have a distinct identity to avoid counterfeiting, and product identification allows to achieve this goal. In short, it provides a means of identifying individuals or a lot of products resulting in brand protection and product traceability. It includes codes and other information labels that differentiate one product or product batch from the other.

Role in Product Traceability

Product identification plays an essential role in improving the traceability of the products as they move along the supply chain, i.e., from raw materials to the finished goods delivered to the consumers.

Barcodes and date code labels allow the products to be tracked and recorded in inventory, which can prove helpful to identify the source of a problem in case an issue arises. Proper product identification for numerous industry applications can be made with the help of an industrial inkjet printer.

Variable Information on Product Labels

Variable information labels are also used for product labelling and cover information including the production date, expiration date, batch number, lot number, etc. This additional information could be presented in the form of text and numbers, barcodes, or both of these categories and can tell a great deal about a product to help maintain the product quality.

Efficient Supply Chain 

An effective product identification allows for improved supply chain efficiencies which means the right product reaches the right consumer at the right time. Labelling the products uniquely makes them easily differentiable, increasing the items’ supply chain visibility. In simple words, product labelling has become necessary to conduct business operations seamlessly and efficiently.

Benefits of Product Identification

Product identification serves as the basis of a robust supply chain and has many benefits to offer; here are some key benefits:

  • It increases the product traceability that allows tracking the root cause of the problem if it arises.
  • The unique identification improves the product’s visibility within the supply chain, making inventory management a smooth process.
  • It reduces the impact of a food safety incident by allowing accurate and timely recalls.
  • It helps retailers and consumers to get important information about the product, which proves quite helpful in cutting down on errors.
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Final Words

In the current times, countless new products are made available to the consumers daily, so there is a strong need for product identification to avoid counterfeit. It is achieved with the help of barcodes and variable information labels that provide essential data about the item.

Product identification has numerous benefits, which makes the supply chain process seamless, and it could be implemented with the help of coding and marking printers. MapleJet industrial inkjet printers are one of the best technologies for product identification. Contact MapleJet Technical experts to learn more about product identification printers.

What is product identification?

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