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The following are quick training video guides to help you operate Hx Nitro printer and use its accessories.

Opening the Package

Get started by learning to start up your printer and to properly insert the cartridge!

1 video  Duration: 0:49

Quick First Print

After configuring the printer, start your quick first print

2 videos  Duration: 4:01

Initialising & System Settings

Here are initial setups before starting to print: Configure Hx Nitro’s time and date, and connect to Wi Fi

4 videos  Duration: 5:45

Installing on Production Line

Learn how to mount Hx Nitro in various production lines, get tips and suggestions to get the best printing experience

2 videos  Duration: 4:42

Start Printing on Product

Before printing, you need to design your message. Go grab your smartphone or tablet!

5 videos  Duration: 10:26

PC Side SW (Vanguard Create) for advanced message design

Design your GS1 barcode, external data and other advanced messages through Vanguard Create

5 videos  Duration: 10:25

Advanced features and settings

Learn about Encoder, printer Field Upgrade capability, Rs323 communication and selecting default Hx Nitro fonts

7 videos  Duration: 13:22


Hx Nitro printer has a printer health check feature to provide warning about the printer status and avoid unexpected downtime.

2 videos  Duration: 3:05

Industry Applications

From small to and large-scale manufacturing industry, Maplejet industrial inkjet printers offer simple yet state-of-the art coding and marking solutions.

10 videos  Duration: 10:29

Installing Hx Cartro & First Print Test

Learn how to start up your Hx Catro Printer.

3 videos  Duration: 4:17

Initialising & System Settings

Configure your Hx Catro Printer before setting it up in the production line.

3 videos  Duration: 3:40

Advanced Features and Settings

Check out these instructional videos to learn more about the advanced features of Hx Cartro.

1 video  Duration: 1:13