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Summer is still one of the most challenging seasons inside the factory of a manufacturing company. Aside from posing grave health risks for factory workers due to intense heat, it is the time when manufacturing companies face frequent machine failures causing untimely machine replacement, expensive downtime and higher operating costs.

However, there are ways to avoid or at least minimize downtime and lessen operational or maintenance cost in the midst of the season. We listed down some important tips and features of inkjet printers that manufacturing companies should consider.


Simple and easy-to-use coding printer

Is your factory one of those companies that gets a lot of holiday requests from employees who want to spend time with their family in Summer? This is a normal scenario in this season since it is the time when kids are off from school. And, with a number of people off from work, production lines are prone to unexpected halts. These downtimes may be caused by complicated inkjet printers or the lack of training of printer operators that are either new or a temporary replacement. To continue the operation companies are forced to request for technical training, and these trainings are not for free. To avoid this extra cost, companies can opt for industrial inkjet printers that are simple, easy to use and do not require extensive training. 


Easy system monitoring

With fewer people in the factory, you certainly need a coding that is easily monitored and controlled. Thermal inkjet printers or TIJ that are Internet of Things or IoT-based are good options. They provide real-time data for monitoring and can automate some parts of the production line requiring less human intervention. 


Low energy consumption machine

The sun is already emitting enough energy to increase the temperature inside the factory and the last thing we want to do is to add to that heat. Some devices require more energy to function and thus release even more waste energy in the environment. Albeit the fact that factory equipment, including coding printers, run through rigorous testing before becoming commercially available, this does not exempt them or their performance from being vulnerable to failures in a high temperature working environment. To avoid adding temperature in the factory and reduce downtime due to heat, a low energy consumption industrial inkjet printer is the best option. This kind of inkjet printer does not only help make your production line energy efficient – reducing power consumption cost, but at the same time helps in the overall environmental sustainability.


Machine health status monitoring capability

Most downtime occurs because we are not aware of what is happening inside our TIJ printer. In Summer, downtimes are usually caused by high working temperatures. An inkjet printer that can provide warning or diagnose possible future machine failures can help avoid this type of downtime. 


Long-time decapping type of ink

Inks like any other products are made up of chemicals that when exposed to excessive heat could undergo reactions. These reactions may affect the print quality on the product. Ink cartridges become exposed to the risk of heat when they are not capped and idle. For manufacturing companies that have continuous production with intermittent breaks, it is recommended to use an ink that has longer decapping time to maintain print quality.


Maplejet’s Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer

Hx Nitro is simple and easy to operate. It does not require extensive training. There are training guide videos that are available online to assist operators from setting up the machine to installing in any type of production line. Maplejet Engineers are also available to support remotely.

The device is IoT enabled. It can be controlled using any smart device such as smartphone, tablet or computer. The Hx Manager dashboard will provide printer status information, ink cartridge details and the parameters you set for the message. It also offers an easy message designing facility through Simple Message Editor.

Hx Nitro industrial Inkjet printers use less energy to print. It even has lower wattage consumption and is designed to use minimal energy to perform optimum printing capability. 

Maplejet’s Hx Nitro industrial inkjet printer has a ‘Printer Health Check’ that allows operators to identify warnings. The ‘Health Check’ feature also provides remedies via quick video guides to solve the issue.

The printer is coupled with inks that are perfect for low and high temperature working environments. These inks can print high resolution messages to a wide range of substrates with superior adhesion, faster drying time, longer decapping time and higher throw distance up to 10mm, which previously only possible with continuous inkjet printers or CIJ printers.

With a good type of ink and an energy efficient industrial inkjet printer, the need for costly Field Engineer visits that leads to expensive parts replacement and periodic downtime is minimized and could even be totally eradicated. Hx Nitro offers almost maintenance free coding technology to help companies enjoy Summer with more uptime inside the factory.

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