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Ontario, Canada. – Maplejet has added an Online Message Library feature in Simple Message Editor to make designing messages even simpler and instant. The library consists of 15 pre-designed message templates that operators can use to reduce the time of actually creating the message. 

Online Message Library in Simple Message Editor page

Online Message Library in Simple Message Editor page


The library can be accessed in the Simple Message Editor page of Hx Manager. Once designing the message is complete, operators can save and send it to Hx Nitro for printing. The message will, at the same time, be saved in one of the message containers operators selected. To learn more about designing messages via Online Message Library, check out this video.


Hx Nitro’s Advantages over other inkjet printer (CIJ or TIJ) in times of coronavirus outbreak

  1. Using Hx Nitro Wi Fi capabilities, it enables operator to use smartphone to design messages, change print parameters related to each message, and monitor the status of the printer. This helps avoid sharing one controller promoting social distancing in the workplace.
  2. Connect to multiple printers using one smartphone device – there is no need to physically touch each controller when you can use one smartphone device to monitor the status of each printer in the production line.
  3. No SD Cards required to transfer designed message to the printer. Smartphone can send the message through Wi Fi communication.
  4. Field upgrade ability allows remote upgrade of printers so there is no need for Maplejet Field Engineer to physically update Hx Nitro software in the production line.
  5. Maintenance-free technology – there is no required regular visit from Field Engineer reducing person to person contact from outsiders.

Maplejet is a coding inkjet printer manufacturing company that was established in Toronto, Canada in 2007. It is committed to partner with food manufacturers to code and mark visible and long-lasting production and expiration date prints onto their packaged food products. The company is dedicated to going beyond providing food manufacturers with simple inkjet printers to advocating food safety in order to avoid processed food product misinformation that deliberately causes food poisoning, especially on children. The proper date mark on food guides consumers to understand when a product can be safe or unsafe for intake, as well as help food retailers become aware of its shelf life.