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Maplejet TechCorner January Issue

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The new ProDigit Bi-Color comes with a robust design and key features.

MapleJet is introducing an improved version of its own ProDigit Bi-Color printer, which was initially launched in 2015. The printer is widely used in marking two different colors in the pipe manufacturing industry. This ability helps companies make their product comparatively stand out from others and emphasize distinct vital technical information of the produced pipe.

With changes in the environmental and production requirement, Maplejet ProDigit Bi-Color came up with a suitable solution. The improvements include an elevator vertical adjustment to help easily position the printhead as required in the production; a heavy-duty stainless steel stand with a unique anti-vibration design to provide a robust and steady look and ensure stable printing even in the harsh environment; and, a more compact design suitable for industrial production.

We understand that manufacturing companies are looking for ways to ‘go green’ on their production, so Maplejet committed itself to provide eco-friendly inks as part of its environmental initiatives.

Decrease drying time with adjustable fan heater

The new fan heater comes with a design that includes several key factors;

  • temperature control
  • air blow control
  • the easy and compatible mounting system

With its heater and air control option, the fan heater can be adjusted as per the product’s requirements. The tip of the fan is designed to have a unique directed air-blowing mechanism that prevents hot air from getting into and affecting the nozzle plate. The fan is also kept robust and heavy-duty to make it suitable for any industrial environment. It is recommended for continuous lines such as pipe, hose, wire, and cable lines and the best solution for fast and non-porous products.

PD 70 now with bulk ink system

Maple jet Pro Digit 70, an addition to MapleJet Pro Digit series, is now coming with a bulk ink system. This can consequently decrease ink cost and reduce downtime of changing ink cartridges, particularly in high-volume continuous production lines. The printer is compatible with printing onto porous materials such as cartons and boxes.

Additional improvements include an accurate low ink beacon, auto-purge, and a compact and light design.

High-resolution date coding using ProDigit 18 in the Food Industry