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Maplejet TechCorner February Issue

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Multihead Elevator System for Vertical Filling Packaging Machine

The elevator system is designed to help mount up to six heads, or as per the requirement of the customer, to their production line using one ProDigit controller. With help of an elevator system and reducing the print-head distance to the substrate, a precise printing position and better print quality can be achieved.

All About Ink: Rapid Plus reduces service calls up to 90%

Rapid Plus is a game-changer for Maplejet Prodigit printers after it was introduced in 2015. It helped to exponentially reduce service calls due to nozzle block on heads up to 90 percent and maintain fast dry time. Nozzle block or nozzle choking happens when the ink dries up inside the nozzle preventing the ink to flow during printing.

This is a general-purpose ink, primarily used on non-porous applications such as plastic, metal, and aluminum. Other proDigit  inks with their respective applications are shown in the table below;

MapleJet releases T-bracket mounting system for PD 70

Right after the release of the bulk-ink system, Maplejet added a T-bracket mounting feature for Maplejet ProDigit 70 Large Character Carton Box Printer, which can be an option for customers to use in their production line.