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With the alarming concerns about global warming, there is no denying that it is an existential threat to our planet. Many big companies have set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and opted to use renewable raw materials to become more environmentally sustainable.

In the coding and marking industry, inks used in printing are considered to have a potential impact on the health and safety of personnel and the global ecosystem. Thus, coding printer manufacturers must consider using high-quality reliable ink to reduce significant environmental impact.

MapleJet Hx Cartro corrugated cardboard printer uses a bio-based certified ink with a Class 3 rating (out of 4) from TUV Austria on Bio-based composition. This ink is an eco-friendly ink for corrugated cardboard printing.

What is ‘OK biobased’ label?

OK biobased certification is a label given to a particular product that meets the following two requirements below:

  1. The total carbon content of the product is at least 30%
  2. The carbon content of a renewable raw material (biobased) is at least 20 %.

Based on the percentage of renewable raw materials (% Bio-based), the product can be certified as one-star-bio-based, two-star-bio-based, three-star-bio-based or four-star-bio-based1.