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The risk of coronavirus transmission has radically changed the way organizations work. The need for social distancing as one of the best measures to avoid virus spread in public or private spaces has become the new normal. With restrictions on physical interactions in the outside world, the digital atmosphere provided a door to restructure how organizations can perform their daily routine.


MapleJet has been remotely assisting various customers across the globe since the pandemic. Below are some of the customers’ responses to MapleJet’s timely and remote support.


“I easily installed on my line with little help from the technical remotely. It’s a great printer, very easy to use!” – Christopher, Canada


“We usually ask Engineers to visit us for the training, but the flexibility of Hx Nitro made the online support possible. It was great!” – Emre, Turkey


“After receiving the shipment, the technical support team was with us to install and help us print on our product, and everything was done remotely.” – Steve, Canada


The simplicity and flexibility of Hx Nitro have made it possible for MapleJet to easily facilitate remote assistance to customers. Its WiFi capability allows it to be controlled using any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


“Whenever I have questions about the printer, the technical team is always abrupt in responding. We have been using Hx Nitro for a long time and there has been no time when the team did not provide us with immediate support.” – Harish, Nepal


“We were reliant on the online training videos and online support the technical team provided. The printer was also easy to operate, so we did not have a problem installing on our production line.” – Mark, Philippines  


“Great prints and long lasting cartridge. Had a software issue with Vanguard Create and customer service was A+ in helping getting it solved.” – Victor, Canada


With the pandemic still outside our four walls and no clear picture of when things will go back to normal, companies need to provide a solution on how they can continuously provide support to their customers. Fortunately, Hx Nitro, with the help of the internet, has all the features needed to allow remote assistance anywhere in the world.