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The industrial inkjet printing market is more than just a bit crowded. There are plenty of offerings from a variety of manufacturers. So if you distribute coding, marking, and product identification equipment, why should you consider adding another technology?

Not All Suppliers Are Created (or Treat Distributors) Equally
There are numerous suppliers of coding and marking equipment, in a variety of sizes, with a variety of channels to market and governing policies. One question to ask – are you treated as a valued partner, or as just another run-of-the-mill customer? MapleJet recognizes the importance of value-add distributors. You’ve spent years developing your reputation in your market. Your customers recognize and appreciate your efforts to provide them the latest product information and ensure any product issues they may have are quickly resolved. As a result, you provide immense value for your manufacturer suppliers. It’s through your market penetration that manufacturers have success. At MapleJet, we know our overall success is wholly dependent on our distributor channel partners.

Yes, It’s A Seamless Global Economy, Until Some Crazy Unforeseen Thing Happens
Who knew a global pandemic would come along and disrupt the global supply chain? With manufacturing strategically located in several facilities across the globe, including North America, you can be assured you’ll have normal access and delivery to all MapleJet products and consumables.

Recognition For The Value You Bring
MapleJet recognizes the immense value a well-trained, successful distributor adds to our company and our products. Your success enables our success, and we are focused on providing service, follow-up, and follow-through, as well as ongoing investment in new product development. Helping you grow your business directly impacts our business.

There’s Hearing, And There’s Listening
It’s annoying when you’re asked for your opinion, but there’s no intention of actually doing anything to incorporate your ideas and input. If there’s no intention of taking follow-up action, don’t ask in the first place. That’s not to say every idea will be incorporated and acted upon. But it does mean, as a valued partner, we very much want your input on critical matters that will impact both of our businesses. Success in this business requires a two-way street of communication. Will we always agree? Of course not. But we are respectful of distributors’ history and success, their market knowledge, and their industry insight. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our products, and how we do business, and by listening to our distributor partners, we will continue positively on that path.

Why You Should Be A MapleJet Distributor
At the end of the day, we believe we have a great product in the Hx Nitro, and we are building upon that platform. We are looking for dynamic distributors to help us grow. Please check out the Hx Nitro here, as well as the other MapleJet product offerings. If you’d like more information about becoming an authorized MapleJet distributor, please visit  https://maplejet.com/maplejet-distributor to submit your information. We will follow up with you shortly.