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Maplejet Coding and Printing Company successfully launched its new age of coding technology through Hx Nitro, it’s first inkjet printer from its simple and flexible Hx range at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago.

Pack Expo 2018 at Chicago

Pack Expo International 2018 Exhibition Venue at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hx Nitro

Hx Nitro is a compact, light and simple coding printer. It has an integrated printhead making it more flexible in different production lines. The printer comes with a top-of-the-line printing technology taking advantage of a wireless connectivity through Wi Fi in transmitting data from its PC-based messaging design software. In addition, its Wi Fi connectivity can also be used in accessing Hx printer’s information using a specific IP address. This allows operators and production managers to monitor the status of the printer, ink level, and other important print parameters for a continuous smooth  production.

Pack Expo 2018 Visitors from various countries around the world including the US, Egypt, China, Trinidad & Tobago, etc. have shown great interest specifically on Hx Nitro’s support of Internet of Things (IoT).

Showcase of Maplejet Bi-color Printer

The launching of Hx Nitro was coupled with showcase of Maplejet’s ProDigit series. Topping the crowds favourite printers are Maplejet Bi-color 18 Corrugated Carton Printer and ProDigit 70. Maplejet Bi-color 18 is a secondary packaging printer that has the ability to print two colours simultaneously, a perfect alternative for expensive labelling. Bi-color 18 uses a long-lasting industrial printhead which promotes eco-friendly printing environment. Companies that want their brands to be printed directly onto corrugated boxes may choose two combinations from its Black, Blue, or Red available oil-based ink. Bi-color 18 is priced at this exhibition for only *USD 3999.

ProDigit 70 Large Character Printer

ProDigit 70, on the other hand, is a large character corrugated carton printer. It has the ability to print up to 70mm directly onto porous substrate. With ProDigit’s modular infrastructure ProDigit 70 can offer a maximum **140mm using two print modules on a single controller on a customised production line. ProDigit 70 is suitable for printing large and high-resolution logo’s and text.

About Pack Expo International

Pack Expo 2018 International is one of the biggest exhibitions on Packaging Industry across the globe. It is graced by more that 50,000 visitors with 2,500 exhibitors showcasing their company’s cutting-edge technology on packaging and printing industry. This year’s Pack Expo International was held at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois from October 14-17, 2018. (Pack Expo Website, 2018)

*Price is only valid for Pack Expo 2018 Visitor

**Available upon request from Maplejet Technical Team. Price varies.