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MapleJet Cloud: The Best Data-Driven Decision-Making Tool For Production Managers

By July 9, 2024No Comments

MapleJet is thrilled to announce the launch of MapleJet Cloud, a ground-breaking platform designed to redefine the industrial printing experience. As a leading manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers, MapleJet is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to deliver high-tech, smart printing solutions tailored to enhance production line efficiency.

Innovation is at the core of MapleJet’s DNA. This commitment is fueled by its dedicated research and development team who work tirelessly to create advanced technologies that enhance the customer’s coding and marking experience. MapleJet focuses on continuous improvement, ensuring that every solution not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency. The release of MapleJet Cloud is a significant step forward, offering real-time access to production data and empowering businesses to optimize their operations like never before.

Why add MapleJet Cloud to your toolbox?

With increased production data and analytics from the MapleJet Cloud, food and beverage manufacturers can significantly enhance their overall operations. Production managers can leverage this data to make informed decisions, enabling them to effectively plan and manage their production lines. Utilizing Cloud data, they can lower operational costs by reducing downtime, plan maintenance, and improve production throughput accuracy by setting up realistic weekly or monthly production line targets.

MapleJet Cloud Diagram: How it works

Important Note: MapleJet Cloud is an added benefit when using any MapleJet Hx Printer. All MapleJet printers come pre-equipped with free Hx Manager software for essential data entry and monitoring.

The Cloud allows production managers to identify trends, peak hours, and bottlenecks. This real-time data will help optimize resource allocation, such as allocating additional staff during high-demand periods. Based on the accurate ink-level data available in the dashboard, Managers can also forecast ink requirements and allocate budgets effectively.

MapleJet Cloud can also help enhance uptime and reduce downtime through its real-time alerts and diagnostics, allowing for proactive issue resolution, minimizing costly interruptions to your production line.

Additionally, MapleJet Cloud scales effortlessly with your business growth, making adding new devices and features a cinch without the need for significant hardware investments, ensuring your setup remains cutting edge. By adding MapleJet Cloud to your production you gain a future-proof, efficient, and cost-effective solution that transforms your industrial printing operation.

Benefits of Using MapleJet Cloud

Real-time Production Data  

MapleJet Cloud provides increased analytics data to give an unparalleled depth of insight into your coding and printing processes. With detailed hourly and daily production reports, you can understand your operations comprehensively, optimize performance, and reduce downtime effectively. All in the aim to ensure your printing tasks are running as efficiently as possible.

Proactive Troubleshooting  

One of the standout features of MapleJet Cloud is its ability to help you identify downtime culprits quickly. By pinpointing the exact causes of interruptions, you can address issues promptly and keep your printing operations running smoothly by planning maintenance when production is not at peak. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and maximizes productivity, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

Optimized Resource Allocation

Optimized resource allocation is a key benefit of the MapleJet Cloud, allowing production managers to identify trends, peak hours, and bottlenecks within their operations. By analyzing this data, managers can strategically allocate additional staff during high-demand periods, ensuring that production runs smoothly and efficiently. Based on the data stored in the cloud, even the allocation of raw materials on the production floor can be managed more effectively. Knowing when production peak times occur means raw materials don’t need to be stocked unnecessarily, preventing clutter and optimizing space usage on the production floor.

System Alerts and Notifications  

Additionally, to further enhance the functionality of MapleJet Cloud, we integrated email system alerts. These alerts can be customized based on your specific needs, ensuring that you are always informed about critical events and status updates. Whether it’s a maintenance reminder, a production milestone, or an unexpected issue, you’ll receive timely notifications to help you stay on top of your operations.

Embrace the Future of Industrial Printing  

MapleJet Cloud is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your printing experience. By providing real-time insights, advanced control capabilities, and proactive alerts, MapleJet Cloud empowers you to optimize your operations and achieve new levels of efficiency and reliability.

Special Offer: 30-Day Free Trial

MapleJet is excited to offer a 30-day free trial of MapleJet Cloud with every purchase of an Hx Nitro printer. This trial period will allow customers to explore the full capabilities and features of this platform. Transform your printing processes and see the benefits without the need for any initial commitment. For more information and to get started with your free trial, send an email to the contact information below or visit our website at

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