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Ice Cream Brand Chooses MapleJet’s Secondary Packaging Coding Solution

By June 12, 2023January 5th, 2024No Comments

In the fast-paced world of packaging, efficiency and quality are key factors that can make or break a business. The Hx Cartro Carton Printer has emerged as a game-changer, offering an easy-to-use, low-maintenance, and sustainable solution for printing onto carton boxes. One satisfied MapleJet customer found the Hx Cartro the perfect coding solution for their secondary packaging needs. They have eliminated the laborious manual printing method they previously relied on by integrating Hx Cartro printer into their taping machines.

Streamlined Coding and Marking Process

Gone are the days of struggling with complex date coding procedures. The Hx Cartro’s user-friendly interface and intuitive controls have simplified the coding and marking process. The printer can be operated by any smart device making it even more convenient for the manufacturing line. Additionally, with a maximum print width of 36mm, they can easily accommodate the required information on their carton boxes, including barcodes, date codes, and other essential details.

High-Quality Prints for Enhanced Branding

The Hx Cartro goes beyond just streamlining the packaging process; it also delivers exceptional print quality that enhances branding. With its advanced printing technology, the Hx Cartro ensures fade-proof prints, maintaining the vibrancy and legibility of logos, graphics, and product information throughout the supply chain. 

Sustainable Printing with OK Biobased Ink

The Hx Cartro offers not only convenience but also sustainability. Its ink is ‘OK biobased ink’ certified. It means it is derived from renewable sources, making it an eco-friendly choice.  Using renewable materials helps minimize dependence on fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions associated with traditional inks.

If you want to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and achieve a long-lasting secondary packaging coding solution, the Hx Cartro is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

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