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The Hx Ultro printer is here to take your production line to new heights. With a longer throw distance of up to 8mm from the substrates, our printer excels at printing on uneven surfaces, ensuring impeccable results every time.

The Hx Ultro is also capable of printing at high speed for high-volume production lines, keeping up with your demanding requirements without compromising quality. And, our super-fast dry ink is specially formulated to adhere perfectly to any flexible packaging materials.

It’s time for an upgrade! Replace your CIJ or TTO printer with the Hx Ultro and experience a new level of efficiency and performance in the flexible packaging industry.

Key Features:
* Longer throw distance (up to 8mm) for printing on uneven surfaces.
* High-speed capabilities for high-volume production lines.
* Super fast dry ink for flawless prints on flexible packaging materials.
* Integrated Software Control Using Any Smart Device (e.g. Tablet, Mobile, or Computer)
* Perfect replacement for CIJ or TTO printers.

Don’t miss out on the future of flexible packaging printing! Contact us today to learn more about the Hx Ultro Smart Solvent Bulk Ink TIJ Printer and take your business to greater heights.