Printing on Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

Vacuum-sealed packaging is ideal for food packaging which is normally used to pack fish, sauces, processed meat, dried fruits, grains, and many other foods

Vacuum seal packaging is used for various types of fresh food products since it offers convenient packaging in different sizes and shapes. Vacuum seal bags are completely airtight. It prohibits the entry of moisture and oxygen inside them allowing longer shelf life of a certain food.

MapleJet technology has proven to be the right choice for this type of packaging, offering extremely fast-drying ink as well as efficient and reliable printers capable of printing all the information needed in a minimal time. Also, we offer printers with a low downtime as well as wireless remote-control access to edit the printing information needed to maximize production time for our customers.

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Printing on Vacuum-Sealed Packaging

Hx Nitro tij coding printer

Hx Nitro

Maplejet’s Hx Nitro industrial inkjet printer offers the easiest and simplest way to print text, production date, lot number, counter, 2D Barcode, GS1 DataMatrix, Shift, Logo, and External Data to any porous or non-porous substrate.

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