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Hx Ultro bulk ink TIJ printer delivers exceptional print quality and versatility. It offers unparalleled coding flexibility, allowing for the easy printing of variable data such as batch numbers, expiration dates, and serialization codes.

The printer utilizes solvent-based ink supplied from bulk reservoirs, providing excellent adhesion to a wide range of flexible packaging materials, ensuring durable and long-lasting prints even in challenging environmental conditions.

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the Hx Ultro TIJ printer excels. Its bulk ink delivery system offers significant cost savings compared to traditional TIJ printers and TTOS. The Hx Ultro TIJ printer is designed for quick integration and easy maintenance. Its compact footprint and versatile mounting options make it suitable for various packaging environments.

The Hx Ultro Bulk Ink TIJ printer is a real game-changer in the coding and marking industry. With its advanced bulk ink delivery system, exceptional print quality, coding flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of integration and maintenance, this printer enhances productivity, efficiency, and overall quality in flexible packaging applications.