Thermal Inkjet Printing Date Codes on Flexible Packaging
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Companies worldwide rely on printers daily to print all sorts of items such as date codes and batch numbers onto flexible packaging of food, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. Companies must understand and select the right printer for their specific needs. There is a wide range of printers, for example, thermal inkjet or TIJ printing, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing, TTO printer, Laser printer, and more.

Continuous Inkjet and thermal Inkjet printer systems are the most popular coding and marking solutions in the printing industry for date code printing, marking food, pharmaceutical, and other consumer product packaging. Manufacturers now see TIJ technology as a cost-effective and viable alternative not only to porous but to non-porous substances as well. New thermal inkjet printer technology and its inks are now capable of printing on the glossy finish on a film, flexible packaging, and laminated paperboard surfaces.

Reasons to choose Thermal inkjet printers?

·  Ease: To use a new supply of ink and a new print head, replace the ink cartridges quickly.

·  Clean: The ink is contained in a sealed cartridge, so there is no risk of spilling or leaking.

·  Price: The comparative cost of purchasing a TIJ printer is significantly lower than many other inkjet types with similar features.

·  Clarity of prints: Thermal inkjet printing provides superior print clarity and fast-drying ability to various flexible packaging substrates.

Advantages of TIJ

·  Image resolution and quality

Image quality is essential because companies rely on coding for product tracking in their supply chain. The thermal inkjet system creates images at 600dpi, which is enough to guarantee a high-quality barcode. Thermal inkjet printers also offer more useful printing capabilities.

·  No additional makeup is required

The appeal of CIJ printing is the saving of ink by collecting it. Ink is part of the cost component of CIJ printing. Solvent inks evaporate quickly, and the base solution requires the addition of a refill solution or makeup to the recovered ink to maintain quality and viscosity. This adds to the overall cost of CIJ ink supply. A closed thermal inkjet cartridge prevents the above. No additional liquid is needed.

·  Printing on flexible packaging

In the past, TIJ printing could print only to porous substrates like cardboard and non-glossy paper. Now inks from various manufacturers solve the issue of printing on flexible packaging. This solvent ink formulation can now print with good adhesion and faster drying time onto non-porous surfaces, for example, glossy paper, glass, some metals, flexible foils, and films.

·  TIJ color and ink changes faster

TIJ makes print changes faster and cleaner because the ink cartridge is also the printhead. As a result, changing colors or changing ink materials to print another accurately is as easy as replacing a cartridge. This saves valuable production time for an industrial printer.

·  Low maintenance / high reliability

The ink cartridge system used in TIJ printing does not require printhead service (a vital maintenance goal for other machines). If you have a problem, simply replacing the ink cartridge with another cartridge will often solve the problem quickly in seconds.

The easy steps of operating thermal inkjet printers are an advantage over a CIJ. As a result, TIJ machines can produce high-quality prints for years without maintenance. But CIJ printers require regular professional care for optimal performance.

In addition to the convenience of maintenance with TIJ printers, the overall cost of ownership is also reduced.


In general, for industrial inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers are durable, reliable, and capable of printing more durable date codes for food. So companies tend to invest in thermal inkjet printers for everyday coding, marking, and product identification. To find out more about how thermal inkjet printing works or which inkjet printer model is suitable for you, call: 905-482-3106,

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