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Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer – Basic Package


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The simplest, smartest, and economical way to get your coding and marking started. This package includes:

FREE applications for monitoring and designing messages:

Design a simple 4-line message of Text, Pro/Exp Date, Lot No., External Data using Simple Message Editor through your Smartphone, Tablet/Notebook, or Computer.

Compatible with MapleJet Porous and Non-porous inks (inks are purchased separately).

Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer works perfectly with a fast-drying high-throw distance solvent-based ink. Its integrated printhead removes the hassles of bulky and coding & marking. All by reducing your overall production cost. The printer is suitable for high-speed and high-volume production lines and provides the best flexible packaging coding and marking solution.

Versatility and Flexibility

Hx Nitro TIJ printer works with mobile or smartphones and any Windows-based computer and tablet devices. Flexible and easy to install in various production lines such as simple conveyor lines, horizontal form filling, and vertical form filling lines.

Simple & Easy Operation – Printer Can Work Using Your Smartphone or any smart device via direct Wi-Fi (no need for Internet Connection) or Access Point. You can design a 4-line message or monitor your production line with these smart devices. No need for a hard-touch controller pad.

Small Footprint Design
The actual controller weighs 750gm with 146mm x 84mm x 60mm dimension making Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer one of the lightest industrial TIJ printers. Thus, it can be installed on any parts of the flexible packaging machine that best provides the perfect coding experience for your production line.

Connection and Communication

  • Connect directly via the Hx Nitro printer’s built-in Wi-Fi module using a direct IP Address. No need for an Internet Connection.
  • Connect via Access Point or Company Wi-Fi. This connection provides more printer functionalities such as Printer Health Check, Ink Consumption Calculator, Field Upgrade, and more! Also, you can connect to multiple printers in your production line using one smart device.
  • Connect via USB port

Ink Compatibility

Hx Nitro TIJ printer is compatible with MapleJet Porous and Non-porous ink types. Depending on your packaging materials you can select from the following ink types;

  1. Boxtron (Black, Blue, and Red) – perfect for printing onto corrugated boxes, cartons, and paperboards.
  2. Chronplast-S – fast-drying ink that works perfectly with Metal, PET, PE, and Glossy or coated paper. Recommended in a high-temperature working environment.
  3. Chronplast-W – fast-drying ink perfect for any porous and non-porous substrate such as flexible packaging. Recommended in the low-temperature working environment.
  4. eUrex_HT – a high-throw distance cartridge ideal for PVC, PP, PET, ABS, Metal, Glass, Polystyrene and Treated Polyethylene film.
  5. Ultraflex – super fast drying ink perfect for non-porous substrates such as BOPP, HDPE, PE, PP, PVC, PET, ABS, Polystyrene and Treated Polyethylene film.

Almost Maintenance-free and No Service Contracts

  • Get the latest version of the printer remotely with Field Upgrade Function. No need for Field Engineer visit to upgrade your printer to its latest version & NO EXTRA PAYMENT required
  • Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet printer is maintenance-free. No need for regular Field Engineer Visit or outsource maintenance
  • No service contract.
  • No regular expensive parts replacement
  • Replacing cartridge makes printer good as new
  • Self-maintenance available when needed.

Training Videos and Quick User Guide Available Online


Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 32 × 16 cm


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