Motorized Industrial PVC Conveyor Belt 20cm x 150cm (7.8″x59″)


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Belt Conveyor Length 59-Inch, PVC Conveyor Belt Width 7.8-Inch, Motorized Conveyor Industrial Transport Conveyor, w/Double Guardrails Anti-Static Adjustable Conveyor Table Electric Handling.

Made of all stainless steel, it has higher durability and stability to keep off corrosion and rust. In addition, this belt conveyor can withstand harsh environments and weather, which is more convenient to use.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: All stainless steel body made for greater durability and stability, which prevents the stainless conveyor from corrosion and rust. It can withstand a tough environment and weather.
  • · High-Efficiency Operation: 110V-60W. A great motor with strong power, stable operation and stable output power can save more energy and reduce consumption, which comes in longer service time.
  • · Two-Way Transportation: According to their actual needs to adjust the PVC conveyor speed and the running direction, which improves the efficiency of the work to save workforce and material resources.
  • · Quality Conveyor Belt: The PVC flat conveyor adopts a wear-resisting and anti-static industrial PVC conveyor belt, which is beautiful and durable, and can meet the transportation demand of most products. Dimension: 59” x 7.8”.
  • · Thoughtful Design: You can properly adjust the height of the guardrail to suit the different sizes and types of products. It is the supporting transmission equipment of food, printing, cosmetics, and other industries.

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Weight 19.85 kg
Dimensions 120 × 250 × 750 cm


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