Vanguard Create Software for Hx Nitro industrial tij printer

Vanguard Create

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Vanguard Create is an .exe software application that can be installed on any Windows-based tablet or computer for designing all kinds of messages including GS1 Barcode, QR codes, 2D Barcode and External Data. It has a multi-port communication allowing message sending to multiple printers in the production line at the same time.


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Friendly, Smart & Advanced Message Designing Software.

Designing Message in Hx Nitro has been made easy through Vanguard Create – a software that can be installed in any Windows-based computer or tablet.

How to design message in Vanguard Create:

Designing Pro/Exp Date and Vanguard Create Basic Tools & Operations

Designing Counter

Designing Online External Data

Designing Batch External Data

Designing Lot Number

Designing Shift

Designing 2D GS1 Barcode with External Data

Designing QR Barcode with External Data

Other Important Videos

Multi-port Communication in Vanguard Create

Print Parameter Adjustment (Bold, Width & Print Speed)

Understanding Vertical Ratio

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