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Printed glass bottles and containers are one of the most trusted packaging not only for the environmental safety but for health concerns.

Glass Bottles & Containers

Printed glass bottles and containers are one of the most trusted packagings not only for environmental safety but for health concerns. This is the very reason why glass bottles and containers are still rocking the shelves of major supermarkets in urban and suburbs. Glass bottles are also recyclable and have almost zero rates of chemical interactions keeping its content perfectly unstained. Maplejet offers advanced coding and marking technologies to provide permanent and reliable print onto glass bottles and containers. The simplicity of Maplejet Hx Nitro TIJ glass printer makes it extremely easy to integrate into various packaging lines for glass bottle printing. Flexibility is also key and with Hx Nitro’s ability to be integrated various lines, printing in different positions, and running speed to cater to the company’s production speed. Considering the material’s transparent non-porous substrate, Maplejet provides superior ink adhesion and quality print.

Recommended Solutions

Printing on Glass Bottles & Containers

Hx Nitro

Maplejet’s Hx Nitro industrial inkjet printer offers the easiest and simplest way to print text, production date, lot number, counter, 2D Barcode, GS1 DataMatrix, Shift, Logo, and External Data to any porous or non-porous substrate.

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Maplejet ProDigit Evo

The flexibility of ProDigit Evo has made it possible for our engineers to design a variety of configurations to fit custom-made solutions for many production lines. PD Evo is a both solvent fast-dry ink and oil-based ink to print high-resolution codes onto porous and non-porous substrates.

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