Hx Cartro Inkjet Printer for Cartons

Coding on Cartons Simplified

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Superior Performance and High Quality


Hx Cartro is a robust light-weight secondary packaging printer that provides efficient, high-quality & zero maintenance printing onto corrugated carton boxes.

The printer is built with a low alarm warning beacon that monitors the ink level of its 180ml standard cartridge ink system. It is fast drying, prints with superior quality and fade proof. Its control system is based on Microsoft Windows 10 on a tablet/PC with Wi Fi enabled functionality. Hx Cartro provides a maximum print height of up to 36mm.

A World Of Endless Possibilities

Increase the efficiency of your packaging on your production line through MapleJet Cloud.

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Carton Printing Technology Reimagined

The Features of MapleJet's Latest Carton Coder Inkjet Printer

  • With WiFi capabilities, it allows operators to use a smartphone to design message, avoiding sharing of one controller promoting social distancing
  • Connect to multiple printers using one smartphone device
  • No SD cards required to transfer messages
  • Field upgrade allows the remote update of the printer and software
  • Maintenance-free technology and does not require an expensive service visits.
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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

“Printer and service has been great. Thank you!”

Stacey D.

“We recently bought an Hx Nitro TIJ printer from their online store. fast delivery from local warehouse and installation was a breeze. they have a good library of training videos for DIY installation, no technician needed.”

Totaltech Solutions

“Great prints and long lasting cartridge. Had a software issue with Vanguard Create and customer service was A+ in helping getting it solved.”

Victor C.