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Maplejet TechCorner June Issue

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Maplejet Single-color Pipe Printer is tailor-made for Pipe & Extrusion Lines

Maplejet ProDigit 18 Pipe Marker is custom-built for PVC pipe and extrusion lines to keep up with its harsh industrial environment. The printer and its new square-type ProDigit stand are made of a stainless steel material that strengthens its resistance to corrosion and heat damage rampant in these manufacturing lines. The industrial stand configuration also comes with an option for a special elevator system that can be mounted to provide vertical adjustment ability.

The printer also works with a square-head print module. This type of print module provides a gutter system that allows waste ink to be collected towards a container to avoid ink littering in the printing station.

For inquiries and technical assistance about this printer, visit or email [email protected].

ProDigit Multi-head Solution for Printing on Isolation Foam Pipe

Maplejet ProDigit printer is capable of connecting to more than one print module using a single controller. Furthermore, through its modular concept it can accommodate even up to six print modules with only a single controller. For this project – horizontal printing on isolation foam pipe, Maplejet installed 10 print heads to meet the requirements of this foam pipe manufacturing company in South Korea.

Each print engine is supplied with a 180ml ink cartridge separately. The print engine is mounted using an elevator system for ease in adjusting distance up and down the substrate. Learn more about this at

ProDigit 18 Print Modules: Round-head and Square-type

The print module houses an important component of an inkjet printer – the printhead. It is the printhead that defines the image of the character that needs to be printed on the substrate.

Maplejet ProDigit Small Character Printer 18 has two different options of Print Module. The round-head print module is made of a stainless steel case. This is the first ProDigit print module made for small character printing and has been used in various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and pipe.  The Square-head, on the other hand, comes with additional features. It is lighter in weight and has a gutter system to prevent waste ink to spill around the working station.

These print modules can be used in various applications. Proper maintenance of the print module ensures high-quality prints and long-lasting usage.