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Maplejet ProDigit Incorporates New GS1 DataBar Barcode for Russian Food Manufacturers

ProDigit has incorporated a new type of barcode – GS1 DataBar barcode in its message component feature. DataBar barcodes are often used for coding fresh products such as meat, fruits, milk, etc. mostly in the retail industry. GS1 DataBar barcode can store additional information throughout the supply chain and at the point-of-sale (POS) providing a higher level of consumer protection.

Sample printed GS1 DataBar barcode

GS1 DataBar barcode* can be available for ProDigits 18, Bi-color 18 and ProDigits 70. For inquiries and technical assistance about this, visit or email [email protected].

*The Global Language of Business

Hx Nitro to launch at Pack Expo 2018 in Chicago with Faster Drying Time and Superior Ink Adhesion

Hx Rapid Plus Ink with Faster Drying Time and Superior Adhesion

Expected to launch at this year’s International Pack Expo at McCormick Place in Chicago, USA,  Hx Nitro will come with a much faster drying time ink and superior print adhesion to achieve its objective in providing simple and flexible coding and marking experience for manufacturers with high-volume production lines.

While ProDigit provides specific marking solution to dynamic production requirements of various industries, Hx Nitro aims to offer portable and easy solutions driven by simplicity and flexibility of its nature to cater the needs of massive production without compromising quality and cost of printing.

Rollover Time Upgrade Available for ProDigits

The added rollover time feature for ProDigit enables the printer to select a specific time to automatically change the date of production. ProDigit’s last software version 1.26.28k automatically updates production date in real-time. Thus, on cases when manufacturers want to keep the same production date over a period of time or until the on-going shift is finished, the rollover time upgrade will be able to provide the same function.

With this upgrade, operators do not need to manually reset the production information to the previous production date as it can automatically change the date of production on a specific period of time set at the ProDigit’s controller.