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MapleJet has just made its date coding/batch number entry even easier for an ink jet printer with the introduction of “Simple Message Editor”. Through this intuitive built-in interface, operators are able to design their messages with any Wi-Fi enabled smart device.

A smartphone, tablet, or computer can be used.

How does this work?

Hx Nitro ink jet printer is able to connect directly to your smart device (Direct Wi-Fi) or through an access point and be part of your existing network. An internet connection is not needed to design and send messages to the printer, However, there are some advanced features such as “Health Check” and “Ink Consumption calculator” that require an internet connection.

Designing a message on “Simple Message Editor” is similar to filling out an online form on your computer or simply texting with your smartphone. All date formats are readily available to be selected by one click or touch. The same goes for “Expiry dates”, where the operator can easily add to Day, Month or Year of production date. Everyone is familiar with these types of devices, which means, there is no need for intensive operator training. Less training time, more production uptime.

The Hx Nitro TIJ allows users to design and send their messages remotely within the Wi-Fi network range, without being stuck at the controller. This can be particularly advantageous in production lines that have limited space or accessibility. For instance, a packaging line using vertical form filling and sealing or a VFFS packaging machine where printers are placed in a narrow or impassable location. In addition, the low-maintenance Hx Nitro ink jet printer is ideal for such applications as there is no need to remove them frequently to service.


About MapleJet

MapleJet is a leading brand and supplier of high-quality coding & marking inkjet printers from Canada. These printers are used in a wide variety of industry sectors including foodbeveragepharmaceutical or personal care, and building materials.

With more than a decade of experience in the inkjet industry MapleJet has established a strong reputation for providing high quality, reliable and flexible equipment designed to offer end-users maximum performance with a low cost of ownership compared to other inkjet technologies and suppliers.

With a global network of distributors, MapleJet has an install base of several thousand printers worldwide whilst ongoing research and development and investment continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with inkjet technology.