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If you are in the line of business that requires excellent food packaging, you need to think about which coding machine to use and match it with the investment you are willing to spend on the equipment. Here is why thermal inkjet printing is the recommended machine to be integrated to your VFF and HFF lines or any flexible packaging lines.

Low-cost of Ownership

Thermal inkjet printers are small and generally do not require bulky parts. Hx Nitro printer is one of the lightest thermal inkjet printers allowing Maplejet to keep it low-cost. 

thermal inkjet printing of Hx Nitro mounting on HFF & VFF food packaging lines

Illustration of how Hx Nitro can be mounted on HFF & VFF lines. (Not actual position)


Printing on flexible packaging lines can be a little tricky if you do not have the right tools to use that will help you get the job done. Thermal inkjet printing allows you to print on any surface and any type of materials such as packaging for food and other products. With this kind of technology, the only limitation you will have your production is your imagination. 

Video: Hx Nitro recommended installation in VFF & HFF lines

Clean Workspace

Thermal inkjet printing have the best reputation when it comes to clean coding and marking in flexible packaging. It does not require gallons of ink and solvent solution in order to print. With a simple ink cartridge that also serves as a printhead it is able to provide quality print onto any materials. Since VFF and HFF lines are mainly used for food packaging, it is imperative to use a machine that prints neat and clean in the production line that goes well with the regulations and industry sanitation standards.

Extremely Easy to Operate

Technology can be our friend and sometimes our enemy, but Maplejet used a technology that makes Hx Nitro TIJ printer a highly user-friendly machine. There is no need for a monitor to be attached to the printer. Imagine if you have a large number of VFF machines with an inkjet printer attached to it, and from time to time you need to change the information to be printed. It will be a great hassle to go to every printer’s monitor to type the new message or attach it to a wired device for data transfer when you can send data wirelessly to multiple printers in the production line. This setup makes other TIJ printers user unfriendly.  Using Hx Nitro it can design messages using any one device such as mobile phone, tablet or computer and send the data wirelessly to multiple printers. In this way, you are controlling all the printers using only one device.

Internet of Things Enabled

We are now in an age where the internet’s contribution in the workplace is immense. It has revolutionized all industries from retail to manufacturing and food packaging industries. Maplejet introduced Internet of Things (IoT) in its Hx Nitro TIJ printer. It allows users to connect the printer using any device making communication to monitor and send data to the printer easily and efficiently. This kind of technology contributes significant improvement in operating several coding machines installed in various VFF and HFF lines or flexible packaging lines of a company. Using Wi Fi communication accessing the printer’s information is just a click away. 

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