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The introduction of Simple Message Editor in Hx Manager made it even easier to operate the Hx Nitro printer. This added functionality allows operators to use any device such as mobile phone, tablet, or computer to design the messages such lot number or production/expiration date and send to Hx Nitro for printing.

Simple Message Editor Display

Simple Message Editor Display

Currently, operators can quickly design a four-line message. A drop-down menu is provided to select production/expiration date, lot number, counter or external data. Once selected, the complete row will automatically change based on the type of message. Operators can instantly see what they are designing using the preview. When completed, operators can adjust the print parameters based on the production line and send the message to Hx Nitro for printing.

In designing Lot number, the lot number container can be selected from Simple Message Editor while the information can be placed at the lot number section in the Hx Manager monitoring page.

Click here for Designing Four-Line Message in Simple Message Editor Video

After completing the message and sending it to Hx Nitro, operators can check the approximate ink consumption. This will provide an estimate number of print per cartridge based on the designed message and the print parameters. Print parameter configuration is found in the same page below the message editor.


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