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Data Collection and Privacy Policy

MapleJet produces inkjet printers (“Our Printers”) for food, pharmaceutical, and many other manufacturers’ customers (“Customer”) have installed this printer on Customers’ production lines. Our Printers print variable data such as production date, expiry date or barcodes onto our Customers’ product packaging (“Data”). Our Printers are generally installed at the last part of the packaging line.

Our Printers are equipped with the Internet of Things (“IoT”) and WiFi capability, by connecting to either phone data lines or company Wifi network connection between Our Printer and our cloud (“Cloud Platform”) is established and Data can be sent and stored on our Cloud Platform.

This privacy policy describes the Data generated by Our Printers and how we handle the data sent to our Cloud Platform when Our Printers are installed on Our Customers’ packaging line.

What Kind of Data is generated and logged on our Cloud Platform?

There are three main categories of Data that are collected, logged, and sent to our Cloud Platform:

  • Data related to Our Printers themselves such as temperature, Diagnostic code, HW ver., SW ver., and usage for maintenance estimation period.
  • Data related to ink cartridges such as ink usage, low ink alarm, and ink type.

These first two categories relate specifically to the status and operability of Our Printer. Collecting this Data is useful for Us to advise you of any issues with Our Printer and as to the status of the ink cartridge and ink so we can advise when you should order ink cartridge refills.

  • The third category is Data related to the Customer production lines such as start time, end time, units printed per hour, and total prints made (“Customer Data”). With the Customer’s consent, Customer Data is collected, logged, sent to, and stored on Our Cloud in accordance with Our Privacy Policy as follows:
What is Customer Data and why do we Collect It?

Customer Data relates to customer production line data and will only be shared with Customers.  A production report is generated and offered to the Customer which is independent of the Customer’s own in-house data and may be beneficial to the Customer if the Customer is interested.

Is the Customer Data we collect secure? 

Customer Data will only be collected and stored on our Cloud if the Customer consents.  We are using Amazon cloud services and the channel we provide for data communication is a secure channel (SSL) with a ticket.

Is the data shared with any third party?

Customer Data will only be shared with our partners (“Our Partners”) who resell Our Printers.  Our Partners require the Customer Data to more effectively and efficiently provide technical and other services and supplies including spare parts to Customers.

Data collected is also used to monitor the efficiency of Our Partners’ operations.

Customer Data will not be shared with any other third party without the Customer’s consent.

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