Building Materials

Our printers provide high-quality printing, robustness for demanding environments, and reduction of packaging inventory. For highly specialized applications, we provide customized machines with elevator, moving arm, t-bracket, and much more. Widely used applications include printing on thick cables/wires, chemicals, glass, construction materials, metals, lubricants, etc.

Printing on Cable and Wire

Printing on pipe and extrusion lines

Printing Bi-color on Pipe

Printing on Metal Pipe

printing on PVC pipe

Printing on PVC and HDPE Pipe

Maplejet Coding & Marking Solutions


Industrial Inkjet Printer by MapleJet is used in a wide variety of coding applications including primary and secondary package printing. Hx Nitro Printer is manufactured at a facility in Canada with standard ISO 9001, ISO 13458, and AS 9100.


The technology used in MapleJet printers ensures that the widest range of ink types can be used so that more coding and marking applications can be addressed.

Service & Simplicity

MapleJet prides itself on the service levels it offers to its customers. MapleJet industrial inkjet printer is also designed to be simple to use and maintain so that downtime is minimized. MapleJet Middle East is Maplejet’s counterpart in the Middle East & Africa, while MapleJet India is for India.


MapleJet Hx industrial inkjet printers take advantage of the Internet of Things. This represents the best combination of quality, simplicity, reliability, and connectivity in the coding and marking market.