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New to coding and marking, or planning to replace existing TTO or CIJ printer?

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Platform independent web-based monitoring and data entry application

Hx Nitro’s complete printer control is carried out via the built-in Wi-Fi, allowing the unit to be installed even in difficult-to-reach locations within the packaging lines. The operator controls all printers from a single smart device (purchase separately or use your existing one), such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Hx Nitro Basic Package

Simplest and most economical way to get your coding and marking started.

Includes Hx Nitro Thermal Inkjet Printer with power supply, stainless steel L-shaped bracket, fine-tune module, and product sensor. (Inks are purchased separately)

CAD 1899


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Hx Nitro NeoMark Package

Select the perfect ink type that suits your packaging material/substrate.

Includes one complete Hx Nitro Basic Package and three inks (same type of ink either porous or non-porous) of your choice.

Or our team will gladly help you identify the perfect type of ink for your product.

CAD 2119