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Maplejet emphasised its social role in helping curbing food poisoning especially in children, and reducing food wastage of packaged food in retail industry by responsible coding and marking at the last day of Pack Expo International 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Through the data obtained on the effects of unseen and bad print quality of production and expiration dates in food to child poisoning and food wastage at retailer level, Maplejet came up with an idea to develop an ink that changes colour attribute upon the arrival of its expiration date. Maplejet executives initiated  a discussion with one of the largest ink manufacturers in the United States to pave the possibility of this technology. This development may not only help consumers become well informed on the product’s condition but to create reminders for retailers to pull them out of shelves, and sell it on a discounted price before the product actually gets expired and wasted.

Maplejet understands the impact of this problem; thus, it continues to partner with manufacturers and suppliers that promote similar social responsibility.


Pack Expo International is one of the biggest exhibitions on Packaging Industry across the globe. It is graced by more that 50,000 visitors with 2,500 exhibitors showcasing their company’s cutting-edge technology on packaging and printing industry. This year’s Pack Expo International was held at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois from October 14-17, 2018. (Pack Expo Website, 2018)