Hx Nitro captures end-users with its simplicity Printing
Hx Nitro’s simplicity and ability to communicate via Wi Fi connection through an access point raised great interest for local and international food and beverage manufacturing companies. The end-users were particularly amazed with Hx Manager’s ability to provide real-time print and message count, render advanced printer health check, through its diagnostic code; its ability to double print quantity by activating economy mode; and, in designing message using any devices – making it device-independent.
Hx Nitro printer display at Propak Asia in Thailand

Hx Nitro printer display at Propak Asia in Thailand

The same reaction of visitors was noted when Hx Nitro’s Internet of Things ability was first launched at Expo Pack, in Chicago and at Gulf Food Manufacturing in Dubai in October and November 2018, respectively. The technology that Maplejet’s Research and Development teams developed ( and continuously developing) with the printer combined with a range of excellent inks solution positions Hx Nitro as the ultimate TIJ printer in coding and marking industry.


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