Hx Nitro TIJ Printer External Beacon for Low Ink Indicator

Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer has a reputation to be one of the lightest, smallest and smartest thermal inkjet printers. Its small footprint allows it to be installed even on complicated lines as it does not require a lot of space. In spite of its size, it’s compatibility with various accessories required in the production is not limited. The recently added inkjet printer accessory is the optional low ink indicator extension from the built-in low ink indicator found in the printer’s back panel board.

Hx Nitro external beacon

Hx Nitro external beacon

External beacons are commonly used in an industrial manufacturing environment to display the state of a machine to the operators. They are mounted on a pole to immediately spot a malfunctioning machine. This provides a good advantage in a huge production environment with massive machinery. Different colors can be used to display various conditions of the machine.

Hx Nitro’s External Beacon provides visible indicators of the condition of the printer and the status of the ink. Generally, when the ink is in the critical low condition the external beacon turns its Red light on. On the other hand, the Greenlight indicates a normal status of the ink and the printer is ready for printing.

Hx Manager Monitoring Page

Hx Manager Monitoring Page

Since External Beacon is an optional requirement, Hx Nitro thermal inkjet printer provides this indicator by default via Hx Manager monitoring page, which can be accessed thru Wifi or Direct IP using any devices. Hx Manager provides even more information on the printer and ink cartridge’s real-time status such as Date, Time, Ink Type, and Temperature to name a few.

Thermal inkjet printers are continuously invading industries that are then only dominated by continuous inkjet printers from Domino and Videojet. TIJ printers are comparably small against CIJ printers, which are big, bulky and require a lot of space to be installed. However, the flexibility of Hx Nitro to be integrated with accessories required in a production lines takes a good advantage against CIJ.

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