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The coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 that causes the COVID-19 outbreak has made some parts of the world in panic with other business sectors at halt to avoid the viral spread. In this kind of crisis where the spread of virus can be minimized by avoiding close contact and lessened interaction with people, technology may serve a vital role. Below are some of the helpful product features of inkjet printers that companies can take advantage of:


Wi Fi Communication
The introduction of Wi Fi or Wireless Fidelity has provided a new platform for people to work. It allows us to interact with our co-workers through the internet remotely via chats and other messaging applications. However, Wi Fi can also be useful when integrated with products to allow us to communicate with the printer wirelessly without the need to hold the it physically. Even physical interactions with co-workers are minimized as they can communicate with the printer via their personal Wi Fi enabled devices wirelessly.

Close up of worker hands using a Hx Manager

Device-independent Monitoring & Message Designing Application
The traditional inkjet printer always consists of controller/monitor and printhead. A default controller attached to the printer apparently encourages people to be physically working and touching on the same device. Having a device-independent printer allows operators to create messages using any devices and send it to the printer wirelessly via an Access Point avoiding physical contact with a single controller.


Field Upgrade
One important feature is the field upgrade capability of the printer. This allows upgrade of the printer’s software remotely in the production line. This is especially useful when there are multiple printers running in the production lines and operators can use any device to upgrade each printers online. This can be done through the remote assistance of a Technician. This will minimize Field Engineer visit and physical interaction with operators.


Many inkjet printers require regular maintenance and spare part replacement from time to time. This promotes physical interaction between operators and outsiders such as Field Engineers. This interaction is not required with some more intelligent printers.


Clean Production
Hygiene is always the main mitigation mechanism to combat the spread of coronavirus in the working environment. Just as people follow basic sanitation rules, machines should also reflect cleanliness. This is important especially in food and beverage production lines where there are strict standards on clean working environments for health concerns.


Maplejet Hx Nitro printer provides all of these features making it an ideal coding and marking printer in the production line.